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Papers Submission

Authors must submit accepted communication as full papers by 10 June 2020. See the below guidelines for preparing the full papers.

Please see the paper guidelines, and sample article provided for format.

Full paper must be submitted clearly identifying the ID number of the paper included in the file name.The paper must be submitted in a commonly used word processor format (preferably MSWord).


Guidelines and Recommendation for Authors of Full Papers

Full papers for posters and oral presentations must be written according the instructions and format given in the Word document attached (available soon). A Word and PDF version of your full paper must be uploaded  ultimately by June 10, 2020.


Guidelines for Posters

Technical Specifications: 

•The dimensions of the poster board are PORTRAIT style.

• Poster Board Size: 9,6m width x 2.5m height.

• It is recommended that your posters be no larger than 90cm wide x 120cm high (Portrait style).

• Posters may be prepared on one sheet (preferred method) or alternatively on several smaller sheets.

• Allocate the top of the poster for the title and authors as stated on the submitted abstract.

• The text, illustrations, etc should be bold enough to be read from a distance of two meters.

Double-sided tape will be available in the poster area for hanging of posters. Staff will also be in the poster area to assist you.

The organizers are not responsible for any posters that have not been removed by the end of the sessions on the day in which they have been scheduled.

















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