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Abstracts and papers not only addressing the technology would be welcome, also dealing with aspects of economy and environmental impact results

• Smart farming / Precision agriculture (including precision livestock farming)

• Automation, robotics and sensor technology

• Artificial Intelligence, data processing and management (including digital services)

• Soil, land and water engineering

• Integrated and sustainable Farming systems (including feed production systems, harvest and production technologies)

• Sustainable production in Farm buildings (including animal housing and welfare, emissions and air quality, greenhouses, storage facilities)

• New application technologies and mechanisation (including design and applications, both in agriculture and forestry)

• Circular Economy (including nutrients management, waste management and LCA)

• Energy and bioenergy (including production, storage, consumption, efficiency; GHG reduction, storage, transformation)

• Post-harvest technologies (including food processing, selection and grading)

• Education and Rural development (including knowledge transfer, attractiveness, broadband deployment and digital skills)

















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