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Special Session on Ammonia and GHG Emission from Livestock Housing

by COST Action CA16106, LivAGE

The global livestock sector, particularly ruminants, contributes approximately 18% of total anthropogenic GHG emissions. In the EU, the livestock sector accounts for about 13% of total GHG emissions. Environmental impacts of ammonia (NH3) and greenhouse gases (GHG) as well as odour emissions from livestock buildings have been identified as important issues in recent decades and an increasing number of countries have now introduced legislation that aims to reduce the emission of pollutants like ammonia.

LivAGE (Ammonia and Greenhouse Gases Emissions from Animal Production Buildings) is a COST action ( aimed to is to enhance international discipline cooperation for exchanging ideas and knowledge, sharing good practices, assess technologies that could result in reducing the emissions of GHGs and ammonia from livestock buildings and thus to lead to a more environmental friendly and sustainable livestock production. LivAGE has three main pillars:

• Monitoring indoor climate and gaseous emissions from animal production buildings

• Modelling ammonia and GHG emissions from animal production buildings

• Environmental assessment of housing systems (dairy, swine and poultry) and emission reduction technologies

This special session will provide a forum for discussing the state-of-the-art and on-going research projects of ammonia and GHG emission measurements as well as measuring methods, modelling and reduction techniques. The session will also provide an opportunity to share research experiences and to promote networking among those attendees.

Abstracts can be submitted through the abstract submission system of the AgEng2021 conference. Please add the word ‘LivAGE’ in the list of key words.


Chair: Sabine Schrade
Co-Chair: Thomas Bartzanas
Scientific committee: Guoqiang Zhang, Andre Aarnink, Melynda Hassouna, Koci Kamila, Salvador Calvet, Peter Demeyer











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